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A New Dawn Of Green 3.0 'Human Classes'


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Well well well, they say third time lucky. Lets hope that's true!


Welcome to the third new dawn of green discussion topic. By the title I can only assume you know exactly what this topic is about.

So lets get straight to the nitty gritty!


This version of classes works very differently to that of the previous classes, so please do expect something new and fresh!










-More to be shown off at a later date



How this system works:


There is only one level tree, when you level up, all your classes level up at once! This means you can pick and choose what class you want to play, depending on other people, the map, and what play style you feel like playing.


Each class has its tools and weapons already selected, so now if you want a heal, you better think carefully. Likewise the team work in the game will be a lot stronger than it has been in the past! The loadouts will become a lot more interesting as you level up!




In the spawn window you have the class, the equipment perk, and a personal perk to choose from. 




Equipment perk:


This perk enhances your classes tools, and can only be seen and selected depending on your class. As you level up you gain more perks for all your classes.



Personal perk:


This perk is designed to essentially dictate what style of gameplay you want to do. Its total personal preference, but of course being dictated by the class you are allows for only a certain amount of perks to be used.




The general idea of this update is to refresh the community and bring something familiar but new to the ZS server. Obviously people have wanted this back for ages and I am pleased to be doing it finally. But of course there is a few big questions I have to answer here!




Does this mean the levels will be reset?


Yes your rank will be reset back to 0 for this update


Will there be any compensations?


No, sorry but we want to have a fresh start again, just as we did in 2012~3.


Why are you doing this update?


The current state of the server is dry and has been around for too long, something new and interesting has to be brought in to bring new life back into the server and community.


What is the current state of development with this overhaul/update?


All the classes have been created, their perks have been designed and created as well. The levels and how each perk interacts has been completed. We are in the final design stages, code finalizing and testing.


What does the answer above mean? 


Give me a couple of weeks to iron out a few things and get new graphics created.


Is there anything else with the classes update to mention?


Yes, as you level up your classes, the perks will become stronger, more efficient or easier to use.


What about the loadout menu and huds?


The current loadout menu which you will see is only a temporary one for testing and working with on my dev server, its being re-designed and created as we speak. The human hud will have some small alterations to fit in with this update.


What role does pufulet play in all of this?


Pufulet has been updating the current systems for the zombie classes. Making them easier to play as, more enjoyable, and of course more deadly! We are working on this together to ensure that the server will be balanced and enjoyable even if all the humans are max rank, and zombies are noobs.


What about bosses?


Bosses come under the same category as the question above and will be fixed for this update! In time a boss selection menu will be created, maybe if it goes will it will be done in this update as well.


Have you fixed the stuck bug?


Is that even possible?


Why has it taken this long to get classes re-created? 


Fuck knows!


Can you tell us about the classes or what perks they have, or what the role of each class is? 


Where is the fun in that :P You will have to wait and see as you level up!




Any further questions bellow, look forward to seeing how this goes!


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You should be very proud of your achievements in such a short space of time. Much more than I did or have done atm! :)


This looks very very nice, and has brought a new fresh looks to ZS.


If you want to, you could re-do majority of the icons and give the menu a really new look. But that's just food for thought. 

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Jeez Pufu you have been upstaging me!


Well anyway I have been working on the new loadout menu. Its still very rough and ready but I had to re-code a lot of it, it was turning into a mess so I started again. 


I need to add the current level stuff and change the class description and add lots of other 'neet' details.




'Whoops, a new perk was shown there'

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What I did with the turret:


For some reason the turret was taking quad damage from zombies so that's fixed.


6 Damage ( kills a normal zombie in 3 seconds currently).

150 Ammo

200 Health

0.11 Recharge rate while inactive.

0 Recharge rate while active.

0.1 Fire rate


9 Damage with turret power.

400 health with turret durability.

300 bullets with turret ammo.


Holding your reload key while picking it up with use will bring it back to your inventory.

Costs 20 SP to deploy, starts with 0 ammo and inactive.

When destroyed you get your turret back.

Colour of turret is scaled by health ( red means nearly destroyed).


Hammer repairs 10hp of the turret.





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Pufu you have kinda done it again, you have done something useful but you didn't ask me about it. Did you consider that those perks may not even exquisite anymore?


Also the turret starts with no ammo? What is the fuck is the point in having one then if you have to wait for it to regen ammo? I bought a AK-47, but it has no ammo is what you did there. 


Pay to put down your turret? So you are making the engineer poor as most people move their turrets 20 times in a game. 'You can do the maths'


You did some nice stuff here but you didn't inform or discuss it. Which is a problem!

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The perks can just get commented out in a minute.


I don't want the engineers to plop a turret down straight away to deal with zombies, they should use it defensively.


Engineers also have pulse equipment which means they don't have to spend money on ammunition and can focus on maintaining explosives and their turret.


The 20 SP penalty is to stop people from picking up their turret as soon as it's nearly destroyed, that's a single zombie kill.


Updated turret info:



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