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Hi all, Im Matrix , I'm Mr.Green player Mix Server and server Mr.Green MTA Race ; I began to play Mr.Green Race since March 2012 and registered since November last year , I'm playing in server Mr.Green Mix all day and mostly Race Server Mr.Green day to night on me ,


Why should I be especially Mr.Green administrator Mix Server, on the server that are blocking many , many insults , cheats , there are also hacks.ser admin, would help avoid these problems
blockers, trolls, insult , cheats and hacks in Mr.Green Mix server and want no more pass another problem.


would also help new users that the server and game modes is , many do not know and do not know who to ask or other users are cursed and do not help and tease , I long to play games " I'm a gamer from birth "

Thanks for your time to read my Apliccation administration,
Greetings to all users

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play more than you and clean and you entars each tantto and do nothing , here decides is 1 not you, wow impress but stops when you have more experience than I speak, still missing you to run and second you're the I always say rameas not say anything x I'm better than you or you do it for me you may not overcome ...

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>Uses Google translator
>Has 290 ping
>A condescending attitude
>Expects to become an admin.

Now, I'm not trying to be an asshole here but I think I'd love to give my opinion here.

You're one of the players who get timed out very frequently and the "timed out" bug gets started and you hardly.. well.. You don't even speak English while playing on the server and lastly you provoke players by calling them a noob/amateur. Hardly doubt this is gonna land you a admin position but nonetheless, Good luck lad.



also greentexting on a forum kill me already

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