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Mr. Green Gaming

Race Moderator Application (Mix)


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MTAname: Race

Gameserver: Mix 
Age: 14 and a half
Country of origin: dutch / the netherlands
Link to Steam Community profile *: /
Minecraft name **: MrRace

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: i think the most people hate me but i Just want to help the server really hard i play here now almost 1 and a half year and i have made some friends I Just want to (Kill Blockers Votekick Timed People Report Players that hacks) 

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Mateusz that is old talk i stopped with swearing with cancer (Im banned 3 days for it : I learned from it ) and u are just a pro player but i hate  u same that u hate me but i know i dont have most do that and im Polite now and i want to be Behave to all! 



(ps i`m not really good at english and i have dyslexia)


^english grammer

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19th May 



Why you talking with me (on the server, by /me) if you know that I have you in my ignore list? Just you want to upset me.  Your behavior is the same like last time. You have not changed.

Edited by Matiasz
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Good Luck Bro ! Matias against everyone !


No. He doesn't know how to behave. He knows that he's in my ignore list so uses /me and 'u'.
btw. Add /me and 'u' to ignore cmd...


Good Luck ! ( Matias Against Everyone !)

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