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Mr. Green Gaming

Latino guys on the server (mta)

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Romanian guy from Spain o.O

Go to the servers with carhide or don't play here. ragetime

I know that this will not happen, but please do something with their damn ping. 

btw I noticed they like to use it

just rage. With love, Ryuzaki

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Guest AleksCore

He trying to say that he hate guys with ping over 200 and he wish they'll burn in the hell. He asks admins to do something. Also this message don't contain any racism.


Thanks for using AleksCore Translator 2.0



@_l_e_n_i_n_, spasibo za gowno na forume  :hi:

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Raise ping limit back to 350:)

isn't it 350 already?


It's 330 atm.

well  they should make it 300 or even 250.... if they cant afford a good connection or good PC's they should go play minecraft or some other shit.

You cant ruin the gameplay of over 30 players over a few fucks that are lagging like hell.

Also take note that some of these fuckers start their antivirus scans, torrents etc. to force lags , so i would personally recommend that they are given the finger !

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