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Maher Killer (Not Admin) Application


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Age: 16
Country of origin: Israel  (Palestinan)
Link to Steam Community profile *: --- 
Minecraft name **: ---

MTA account name (/login) ***: CHEATERsSon (KoM|Maher) 
Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

My name is maher, im 16 , i born in israel , but im not israelian and not jewish.

i have hearing aids since 2007.

im deaf.

i have done 3 surgerys.

I wanted to be an killer on mix, because i can be active in morning time (in israel time), maybe ill apply to be an killer,because i want to kill campers, hackers , report , kill , I wanted to be like Cena . Anton , Personalizado , Titten (jack123) , and all killers and moderators.. (Just a Killer).

yeah i see like a lots of people camping like a player called "guest" camps all the time and wastes our time, but there was no one to kill him, so i decided to be an killer not admin,so i hope ill apply for being an killer asap.

P.S:  I play 7 to 20 hours per week sometimes, I was CHEATERsSon , But now im Maher (KoM|Maher)..   :D 


See ya.

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