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Done And Dusted I'm Out

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Yep had enough, my time is more valuable spent else where working with a proper team. Working on projects which actually function like a project, and not a parade of autism and shit being piled on a Victoria sponge cake..


So Ywa you can babysit the autismo now I don't want anything to do with this rusty scrape heap of a Gamemode which has been around the block more times than Reiska's mum. 


Good luck







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Guest AleksCore

I think such topics by Duby already like-kind of memes.. :D


Anyways good luck and thanks for your previous work. The only ZS I played was ZS by Duby and that was fun times.

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I'd take the time to insult you but you're a disgusting tryhard weaboo so I guess you already did it to yourself.


keep in mind you made this gamemode into what it is now, Necro's gamemode was pretty much fine until you showed up.  So after forging the gamemode into a pile of copy/paste liquid shit and effectively destroying the playerbase of a semi-successful community you leave and call the gamemode you made shit.  Are you 12?


have fun finding a proper "team" that'll pick up a copy/paste mentally disabled weaboo.

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You're late.

























Very late.




Anyway this zs is just getting updated to suit pufu's preferences. And its becoming shitter in each update xD.

I wish the old mr.green would come back :( where it was only necrossin,ywa, and others. 

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