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Better Sniper scope please

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Too... lazy...

Argh, maybe one day.

aww cmon! :D it will so be worth it. Surely its fairly simple?? (not that I would know how to do it)

& @Nico - You're right, the one in L4D is so cool. It would be really good to have something like that. The IW one is great too though ;P

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Well, i replaced the old surface.DrawLine/Rectangle scope with the .vtf one that someone linked here. Here is the texture file -> materials.rar -- scope.vtf and .vmf to content/materials/ and as for the AWM and SCOUT, here -> weapons.rar -- I swear i haven't changed anything but clientside stuff! (no damage or other things)

EDIT: If i did something wrong, correct it! Also, take a look at the .vmf ..I think i missed something, or wrote something wrong, because i don't see any blur like effect at the edge of the scope!

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we need better scope ! this scope now seems like something drew in MS paint

It's actually drawn in lua!

You can check the files i uploaded. Actually, Clavus can check them.. I just changed the Scope Texture.

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