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please unban


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1. Jason

2. Fall 2014 (the month and date do not remember)

3. Was banned Mr.Green [RACE] and [MIX]

4. Bob Taylor

5. I was flying in an airplane through the checkpoint, the checkpoint on this plane had to be replaced on the car, but that did not happen, because of the high ping. Administrators think that I am a hacker and Bob Taylor banned me forever.

6. I loved your server, played more half a year, never let anyone out of the way. Compared to other servers, your best in the MTA. :)

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I know him, Bob. He was no hacker. His ping was too high, that was it. I wouldn't encourage you to unban him if he was a hacker as that would be bad for me aswell. I say, give him a chance. If you see him hacking (and are 100% sure he is), ban him again. But he was a nice guy and a good pal of mine. Never knew what happened until he told me a few days ago. :)

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at first I did not know that it was possible to speak to you, I have with the language Search result is very bad, and this long to understand, but after just moved to the SKC server, where I now followers and the virus can confirm that I am not a bad player: D

I play on the old computer, it may be because of this it is buggy when I was flying checkpoints. I'm not understand this. I now have a more powerful computer. I think this will not happen. I've always respected admins and other players liked this server, but there misunderstandings ...

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