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This is probably gonna get me banned but I just can´t stand lying ass guys who never keep their word.


Yea KaliBwoy I mean YOU


First KaliBwoy bans me unfairly. 


Then he tells me he gonna unban me. However, when I confront him he backs down.


Furthermore, turns out this guy is on the Down Low, meaning he is GAY...


Sorry KaliBwoy for posting this but this is all your fault...


>inb4 fake.  these screens are from our last PM session. 

Kali Im really disappointed... 




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  • 4 weeks later...

If you search 'Bwoy' in google:

"In Jamaican English and creole, a batty boy (also spelled batty bwoy; other terms include batty man and chi chi bwoy/man) is a man considered to be gay, bisexual, or effeminate."

Is this a coincidence?

Seriously? -_-

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I fucking love this. Tuco, we had much fun on 2fast2know where you go. This was too hardcore joke lmfao but i still respect KaliBwoy, he's my man! You're taking shit to the next level, this is the most hardcore thing ever on Mr. Green.


Cheers mate, kali i don't hate u, this was just funny as FUCK :'))))

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