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Race`s Moderator Application


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MTA Mix - Race

14 (19-10-2000)

Country of origin:

Link to Steam Community profile *:

Minecraft name **:


Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

i know i have some issues with this server (SDK) but i still love this server`s (Mix-Race) i want to first warning the rule breakers than /k or /b and report people that swear just /b blockers report swearers




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You don't deserve for this position. Your behaviour is childish. 

I joined to IRC and first what I see is it:




You tried to annoy me.



you alltime says Race . Shut the fuck up so u need to stfu



Ye, i always say it because you say some shit to me. You know that I have you on my ignore list but you still say some shit to me. When I joined i didnt write on IRC. You saw me when I joined and said it. I conclude this conversation. It has no sense.

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Race said:

"you alltime says Race . Shut the fuck up so u need to stfu"


Take it easy on topics, especially on admin applications.. If you're like that on an admin application, then you know shit isn't gonna end well.


Plus his English isn't good enough though ... lol 


"You alltime says Race" 

I think you are just literally translating every letter from Dutch to English.


You got that word from 'Altijd' in Dutch, i'm 100% sure :P

Now i'm not trying to bully you by doing this, but this proofs that u aren't mature enough...



Edited by Knul!!
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