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Gimme a holler if you're crazy for NTS

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a NTS/RACE server would be awesome,but it's never going to happen



Theres not even people playing in servers that it used to be (at least at nights in america) so, why u want a 3rd empty server?


He means to add NTS to the race server.  

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Nooooo. NTS belongs to mix. Never ever add NTS in Race   :D


nts belongs everywhere, it is like the spirit of the wind and the fap of the cosmovision of the stars

How did we let this happen? I'll keep praying to our prophet BinSlayer to uncast this divine punishment we are suffering, stop the madness, and grace us with more randomness.


Truer words hath never been spoken. Hail ye thee one and true BinSlayer, true leader of the church of the flying spaghetti mixoctopi

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