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Not easy to create (MTA) account for new players


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Today and some days ago new players joined the MTA (race) server. In mainchat and private-chat they asked how to setup an account to gain greencoins. After helping them, they tried to create an account. Some players manage to create one, but some had problems and never come back to the server. I figured out why they could leave...


Conclusion: not every human being is smart, it is NOT easy to create an (MTA) account to collect greencoins.


Steps to create a new account:


1. When a new player joins the game, he will get no message to create an account. So he need to ask an admin or simply press all the buttons on the keyboard and check all the tabs to win the jackpot.

2. If the new player wins the jackpot, he will see this:



3. So, the new player needs to close MTA and start internet to create an account. 99/100 new players will forget step #2 'activate greencoin-counter' in the screenshot above.

4. Click on Create Account (upper right side) at mrgreengaming.com. Not easy to find for new players:




5. Once they clicked on 'create new account' they need to fill in the required fields (username, email, password, confirm password), and assemble a stupid image (to protect the server from spam), for human beings who are not smart enough it's not easy, you'd better add something with a code, after that the players must agree to the Terms of Use and click on Create Account.
6. Validate your email address to complete registration, go to email and activate account by clicking on the link (be sure to click on the right link). New players want to play not spending an hour to create an account!
When checking my mail I'll get this:
99/100 new players click as fast they can on a link, not checking if it's the correct link. So it might be possible they clicked the wrong link.
7. Once I clicked the correct link I'm going to a Steam page??? Oke, 99/100 new players are trying another MTA server I think.
8. Now we need to go back to MrGreen forum. New players don't remember the link of the website. Clicking one more time on the link from the email to activate account results in:
9. Anyways, account is activated, now back to the server to login and collect greencoins!!! Wait a second, I'm not smart, I can't find the server, oohhhhhh shit, I just spent another hour of my live doing nothing. Bye.
10. For the smart ones: players don't remember what key to press for the login tab. after logging in the account with the username and password they see this:
11. Player: OMG, I want to RACE not going back to internet to setup a greencoin account, what year do we live? 1890?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12. Ok, back at the forum, now the player needs to know the way to find:
13. Finally the new player can RACE if he finds the server and is logged in with his username and password!!!
Conclusion: not every human being is smart, it is NOT easy to create an (MTA) account to collect greencoins.
Solution: fix the bugs (steam bug, stupid thing to assemble a image) and make it easier for new players to setup an account, make it possible to create ingame a account so the players shouldnt go to internet, mrgreen and email and go back to all these websites. Setting up a greencoin-account is bullshit, this should be added when someone creates a new account.
Do something about it!
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Guest AleksCore

I agree. Idk why Ywa close eyes on this moment. (Probably it looks like registration is ok in his eyes)


P.S. I didn't read the topic. But registration is hard and activation isn't really clear

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No idea what's so hard tho. I did it from the first try. When you don't have a registration at GreenCoins, you get a messege saying to visit site and what to do to get GC.

Sorry, but you gotta be a complete idiot to want a big messege saying REGISTER when you join server. And even then, there will be people who won't understand it.

Anyways, is it really that hard to just ask somebody ingame how to make an account? 


PS : When you join server, one of the very first messeges you get is to press F6 to get GC so yeah, ppl who want everything done for them won't like it. Normal ones don't have a problem however. Just my thoughts.

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