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The Underside

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The Underside


The story:

In the beginning, the World was flat, and it was pure, and it was good.

From atop his Almighty Throne, The Universal King looked upon the plain, white landscape.

He grabbed his Almighty Paintbrush and with one mighty swing of his arm...

stroked layers of Life onto the expansive canvas.

But then the World became full of corruption and evil, and so the Universal King decided to start anew.

And so with a mighty flip, he turned the World upside down, and so the top side became the Underside, and the bottom side became the Overside.

And it was good.

The Overside's new inhabitants, the People, thrived for millions of years.

However, these People, made of dirt and originating from the under side of the World, were inherently dirty.

And so the world again became corrupt and evil.

So, The Universal King, now running out of sides to flip to decided that the World was beyond saving,

and so he decided to wipe it from existence.

But unable to destroy the World that he had so cherished and loved, he gave the World his ultimatum:

If he could find a single Person who could show him that the World had not completely fallen to evil,

the World would be saved.

But if he could not find a reason to preserve his creation,

the World would be destroyed by his very hands.

Will the world be saved?

Does such a Person truly exist?

ipsprite.gifAbout the game:

The underside is an exploration based action platformer in the vein (it's a pun~) of games like castlevania, metroid, and cave story. however, unlike most other games in this genre, the gameplay is driven more by plot than by free-roaming exploration (though the world is fully explorable).

the game's graphics and engine are (believe it or not) completely original. the game's engine is written in clickteam's multimedia fusion 2, while the graphics are done in humanbalance's graphicsgale.

the music is written by me (with a track or two by j. michael brown.) in pxtone. the game's soundtrack has a real retro feel to it.

the game's plot revolves around a character named 'ip' who must escape from the underside, and maybe prevent the world from being destroyed while he's at it. the game's world, characters, plot strands, and dialogue are heavily inspired by earthbound, and are quirky, whimsical, and sometimes a little strange.

the gameplay is very fast based -- a lot more akin to games like megaman or metal slug rather than metroid or cave story in terms of pacing.

the underside has been under development since early 2005, and is worked on in the spare time of this fellow:

arthursprite.gifThe creator:

Arthur Lee has been wanting to make video games since he was five, and has probably been making games since he was six or seven. he is a graduate of the university of california - san diego with a BA in interdisciplinary computing in the arts and media.



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The graphics look like pretty much a straight rip from Cave Story :V



Not that that's a bad thing. I'll check this game out once I have some time.

EDIT: Lol, lua code.


Have been playing it for a while now. It certainly has the Cave Story charm, although the difficulty curve is pretty steep in the first few levels. The camera's bitchy some times.

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