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Ban |CrF|Kalra_saab reason he is blocker


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nice trick to make this screen shoots ............open this link and see whos on front and whos on behinde...




if he wants to finish this map he can coz he was on front and i m behind him but he just taking screen and he want to make topic here for bann me and moshpit for ur kind information warhero and eatmybrother are brothers in real life and they both all the time fight with me and ravi26 and they want to bann us so they create this kind off shity topics here  and in mix everybody knows me ..i m just ram sometimes but never block so chill and eatmybrother and warhero keep barking.....

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These screenshots aren't good enough, it just shows he hits your car so he takes your health only, it doesn't look like he is blocking. And yea Kalra is known as rammer but ramming is allowed. Therefore, he ain't getting punished. Locked.

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