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I do not understand why


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sending new maps to the server

and the administrator bobtaylor always

banned all my maps

and e noticed that it accepts maps spam

my maps believe them with time and the single therejections



will rage with me

e sent as 15 maps which only 2 were accepted



Please ask that skynet

take charge of handler maps


and let that users are to decide if the map is good orbad12360409_10153463406842730_488139097097512376171_10153463408767730_1069721611394






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i don't take decisions alone on accepting maps (mostly), if u want your map on server spend more time on it, i wont upload "acceptable" or "normal" maps i upload only good maps where i don't see any bad or bugged places and more important it has to be fun, (music doesn't makes map fun). anyways i remember these maps from you i declined was really bad.

there are already way too much map like declined ones, so i'm cleaning server from that kind of maps.

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