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Let's have a laugh together


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Hai. Me is SkaYeH. We laugh lot ok?


Allright so what i want you to do here is to post the name of the last song you heard, movie/series you watched or the last game you played AND put "in my ass" in the end of it. Let's see what we can get ;) Post your results in the comments section below.


Example: Justin Bieber - Baby in my ass. (That's the point, makes it sound offensive and ridiculous.)


Note: Don't put 5 or more names in a single comment, keep some for later! :)


-Peace, Skai~

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Guest AleksCore

Tom Kaulitz – Do You Wanna Fuck Me In My Ass


Suffocate For Fuck Sake – They Try To Cheer Me Up By Saying I Did Once Live A Functioning Life In My Ass


powder! go away - Einstein is so sad on the pictures because he wanted to work a lighthouse keeper. lighthouses are so lone on the pictures because Einstein is dead. In My Ass


Asking Alexandria - If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once...Then You Should Get Out Of The Circus In My Ass


La Dispute – Such Small Hands In My Ass


Dance With the Dead – Invader In My Ass


Harmonix College – Day 6 In My Ass
P.O.D. – Boom In My Ass
Onyx – Street Nigguz In My Ass
King Lil G – Gun Smoke In My Ass
Mae – Release Me In My Ass
Mae – Someone Else's Arms In My Ass
Asking Alexandria – I Won't Give In My Ass
Main-de-Gloire – In The Darkness In My Ass
Dan Arborise – Days Even Years In My Ass
Linkin Park – Crawling In My Ass
Rise Against – Give it All In My Ass
Blink-182 – Every Time I Look For You In My Ass
Steps To Heaven – Refuge In My Ass
Sum 41 – In Too Deep In My Ass
Dead Silence Hides My Cries – Born To Find Myself In My Ass
One Morning Left – This Song Has A Massive Autotune Chorus In My Ass
Bring Me The Horizon – Don't Go In My Ass (PLEASE, DON'T)
Dead By April – When You Wake Up In My Ass
Limp Bizkit – Bring It Back In My Ass
P.S. Yes, this music from my playlists :P
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R. Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me In My Ass


The Shamen - Move Any Mountain In My Ass


INXS - Disappear In My Ass


Genesis - Driving The Last Spike In My Ass


The B-52's - Good Stuff In My Ass


Roachford - Cuddly Toy In My Ass


Twenty 4 Seven - I Can't Stand It In My Ass


Groove Armada - But I Feel Good In My Ass
Delta Goodrem - Out Of the Blue In MY Ass
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance In My Ass
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