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ROFLMAO You really gotta PM Ywa to change your forums name :V

If it only occurs while it's charging, overheating is the most obvios reason. My phone gets super hot while charging although I don't use it at all. And if I use it and it gets too hot it just restarts. My guess is that same thing happens with your laptop. If not, you just got a rotten potato :mr-green:

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i need help.When i put my charger in my laptop and playing a game 1 or 2 minutes later my laptop just turnes off.What do i need to do?

pay some one to clean it or just buy a new pc is the easyest options

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Hi emir,


Overheating often causes the symptoms you describe. However as little is known about your hardware there could other possibilities.


May I ask..


. What is make/model of your laptop and charger? How old are they? Are all leads firmly inserted?


. Does the machine shut-down only whilst playing games? If so, which games?


. Does the machine feel very hot when not playing games?


. Do any fans ever make strange grinding/clicking noises?


. Is the machine used in a well-ventilated area? Have you tried using it in a cold environment?



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