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How to CORRECTLY add a song to your map


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So, there are many tutorials about that, but most of them are quite old and files aren't compatible with current MTA version, or files are just messed up, or are bad explained. So, here we go:


Before adding any song, create your map.


When you've finished creating your map and you wish to add a song, download THIS script file, and move it into your map folder. 


Afterwards, download the song you'd wish to add to your map. (Format must be .mp3). Once you've downloaded the song, rename it to 'music' (do not erase .mp3 format!) and then place it inside your map folder.




The last step, is to open the file meta.xml (open it either with notepad or custom program to edit xml) of your map folder, and add this text: 


    <script src="music.lua" type="client" />
    <file src="music.mp3" />
It should look like this:
Save it.
Select all files inside your map folder, and add it to .zip file (it must be .zip)
Reply if you have any problem/doubt.
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27 minutes ago, Maher said:

Why i can't see the photos via phone?

Only shown via PC or Laptop (Or desktop mode lel?)

Photos works fine on my phone (mobile version of the site). Also photos in this thread are corrupted i guess

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