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  1. 1. Do you want to keep CarGame as a Shooter gamemode?

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    • Nay
    • Make it a separate GM

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Alright, so we had many discussions about that long time ago, but I would like to definetely change this somehow. CarGame is sub-gamemode of Shooter, made by KaliBwoy many months ago. The idea was nice, the gamemode hasn't got glitches or any bugs, so it's enjoyable.. but.. that somehow ruined the concept of Shooter, players are always looking for toptimes, with CG you get a lot of GC, for sure, but since that was added, the 3 SH rounds are hardly ever played, many people miss old times. 

I'd like to do something with this, as it is a nice gamemode;

  • Remove the gamemode, continue with normal shooter, and when we get multi rooms add a room into SH gamemode, add CG back, many newcomers would love it.
  • Keep the gamemode...
  • Separate it from SH and make of it a separate gamemode.

So I made a poll, I would like you to vote/give your opinion about this idea, if you would like to keep playing the gamemode or remove it until we get multi rooms.

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I like cargame but there are some bugs. Sometimes it just doesnt shoot or jump.... your rocket bar is on full and you press the button and nothing happen what is really annoying and i lose often because this bug. 

Other thing: i think the "kill range" is too big. I mean someone shoot the ground like 10 meters  away and u die .

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9 hours ago, Ywa said:

CG can have some changes to make it less like Shooter, to ensure that there are diverse gamemodes.


But they're both very similar, its about a shooting car basically. Really its a bit absurd this thread a bunch of ppl who love SH wanna have a clone of SH when it comes down to it. Maybe we should have an NTS and also an NTS with random markers while we're at it... same for DD...


i wouldnt mind if CG alternated with SH and maps were designed for each but its about getting a double dose of them now, and ofc I hate both modes anyways and clearly NTS and DD will just lose more weight

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