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CTM Ano_Negro - Cheater


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I would like to ask you to BAN CTM clan members, or at least Ano_Negro, the biggest cheater of them. He says it's lag... I recorded his gameplay many times. People with the same or higher ping are killable. He isn't, but kills the others.
Also if he would have lagg, his car would be destroyed when goes into the trees or walls... but it stays undestroyed.

Some videos about it:








I hope it's enough yet.

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If i'm not wrong i banned him once cuz i thought he cheated or something. So yea that might be the case

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" I would like to ask you to BAN CTM clan members". Sorry, this was maybe a little strong. First time all of them who I saw was all cheating, nowdays I see members who don't cheat, but there were more cheaters, Ano_Negro was the biggest. I hope I will never see them again. Thank you for banning Cena.

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