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[DEV] Pufu Zombie Survival

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Hi All,

I will be posting progress about my own take on zombie survival using the latest public 3.0 base from GIT.

This is purely a hobby and I don't guarantee it will ever be finished/hosted,

First let me get a Q&A out:

What about the current ZS on the server?

  • At this time, I have no intention to continue working on it.

Why not help in creating the other ZS?

  • I simply don't wish to and want to see what I can do for myself.

Are you trying to make this the official green zs?

  • No. I'm not trying to copy or revive any older version of this mod. I'm simply taking my own approach in designing something that I would enjoy and hopefully others.

Why did you snip everthing?

  • I simply don't wish to show my work to the public currently.


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Sorry pufu, but it looks quite the shit.. Don't ban me, and hurt me. :c I know that this is your hobby, BUT IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE NOXIOUS SHIT NEST HUDS AND UPLOAD THEM HERE, YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING. (im a bad person)

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