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  • Greens

Eh someone had to do it and I thought why not. 

Been messing with VR for well over a year now, been making some interesting Demo's and have finally come up with something I'd like to make as a game. So ships ahoy.

If you have any VR recommended hardware, or games which you've played or think will be awesome, post away. Its hard to filter through all the shitty tech demo's to actually find something decent to play. 

Here is a short list of my VR PC specs and what I currently play :)


Intel Ivy Bridge i5 -overclocked 4.2gthz

GTX 660  -overclocked like fuck

12gb DDR3 vengeance ram

Oculus rift DK2


Adventure time: Magic Mans Head Games -just about 80fps 

Luckies tale - Lowest settings just about 85fps

Dread Halls-medium settings 90fps


Dunno if TF2 or MC is still supported by it actually, if anyone know's I'd like to try it out sometime..

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Shit posts ahoy! 

I have:

  • r9 290 4gig 
  • i7-4.2ghz
  • 16gb DDR 3 ram
  • I stole a ocules from a buddy of mine who was on vacation a while ago ( i broke mine... :V )

Don't play tf2 with it if you like life. No seriously, it will make you puke faster then a newyears party.


For the sake for development, try looking into unity. It's hard to start with since there is hardly any documentation but you can make it work with about anything.

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  • Greens

Which rift do you have? :o 

I found UE4 very very difficult to develop anything on, this is obviously because VR development is new. No one has any answers to anything, so I would say Unity is the best. 

I found Unity 4 to be quite good, I haven't done anything on Unity 5 though so my opinion may be out of date!

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