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Walrus's admin application

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Hello! This is my admin application, that I wish it would be good enough to be approved, but in any case, I'll respect your answer even if it will be negative or positive.

So, first of all, I play a lot in the Zombie survival. I have donated 25 euros to ZS for now, but I guess that doesn't make this thing different, but I told it anyway. Some times I cant play, if my dad takes my better laptop on a work trip. See, I have 2 laptops, the other is the one I download all programs like video making programs, and stuff, and the other is for gaming and this stuff, I can still play games like TF2 and DODS, and CSS on my worse laptop (one with downloading programs) but the one game I cannot play, is gmod. The reason is, when I play gmod, it runs well, but when it changes map a few times, in the middle of the loading, there comes an error message "hl2.exe has found an error" and you have 2 opinions "dont send" and "send the error message" so this is the problem. Thats why I play gmod and other games on my better laptop that's better and more new than the other one. But I really play ZS a lot.. I know I am in a clan "[Z.S.P]" but I think I can leave it, even tho it still is my best clan i've been in. In my opinion, I am kinda active and I chat very usually when I play. I tell jokes, communicate with people and stuff like that. When I am an admin, I take my job seriously, and I don't play around with my powers. Sure sometime when like 3 guys in the server or something little fun help ppl in some good camping place but that is only some times. Most of the players who play ZS a lot have seen me, some people know me, some like me, some ignore me. In my opinion, I'm pretty nice, tho I don't like to brag my self. You can ask Kill zone about what kinda admin am I... I know it's a huge response ability, and I think I'm ready for it. I like the other admins, and I think they don't have much against me, or at least they shouldn't have... I try to be as nice as I can. Im sure you have got so many admin applications and you've already got too much admins in the server but still I wish I could be an admin. The reason why I am running for an admin, is that I play a lot in the server, it's a really fun server, and I would like to help the Top crew if possible. I have a feeling this is going to be denied but I'll give it a try and wish for the best. Now, for the questions:

Game server: Garry's mod Zombie survival

Age: 14

Country of origin: Finland

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Whoops... did that too early :D well read it from there. Imagine an arrow from up there, to down here? ;D

Bye guys! I really appriciate you! :) (and no, I am not trying to flatter you to answer my application positively :D) Cya on the servers!

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Your app is better than most, thats all that I can say, but the age is an issue in the eyes of the TopCrew

Yeah I know... But I can tell you, I am ready to take the response ability, no matter what, I will try! But it isnt THAT young is it? I mean some ppl playing there are like 11 or 10 or something... I know most of the admins are more mature than me, but I would be kind of dissapointed if I'd fail just because of my age. BUT! I said and promised, and I am going to keep my promise, as I will respect your answer what ever it is.

PS: I just want to ask, if I fail because of my age and want to try again when Im older, what is the amount of age that you approve?

Your app is better than most, thats all that I can say, but the age is an issue in the eyes of the TopCrew

And BTW, thanks for the support =) means a lot to me

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I think you would be a great admin, you have skills that no other has, very good personality in you as well.

I think you would be great for admin but age might be a problem.

Thanks for that :') Thanks really much... But Im just scared that do my possibilitys go to waste just because of my age? and I know I cant be a exception... But i'll respect your final answer even tho it's no or yes.

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