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Yoo people

idk if u remember me but i've been inactive since past october of november, i've been back for like 2 days in april but I got bored, now I'm ready to play the shit out of this game again but I got a problem. 

My CD Driver broke so now I can't insert my GTA SA disc, I know y'all be thinking like 'Yo Knul, you already installed it so I don't see the problem, or like: You can download torrents from piratebay so i don't see no problems..''

BUT the problem is that all those freaking torrents are broken, or don't have the full version of the game, its like a little folder with just the files u need to play the singleplayer GTA SA, like u just need the audio, anim files etc and just the "gta_sa.exe' application, but the problem with this is that it doesnt create the rockstar games & gta san andreas folder in your program files so I'm really seeking my ass off to find a decent torrent/download that creates the Program Files (x86) / Rockstar Games / GTA: San Andreas folder..

Please help me, I know that there are many illegal downloaders here, so please help me out for once, I know that I'm a fucking dickhead n all that but yo im knul i've been playing on this server since 2011...

SO TO ALL MY DEAR ADMINS/MODS/PLAYERS please help me out <3 I missed this server so much



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