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Kraats116 | Moderator Application MTA


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Gameserver: MTA MIX / Race

Age: 15 ( almost 16 : in 1 month and 28 days )

Country of origin: Dutch / The Netherlands

Link to Steam Community profile *: Kraats116

Minecraft name **: Kraats116

Ingame name: Kraats116

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hello, i am Roel i have been playing on MrGreen Since The begin of 2013

I have done things that should never happen I know but I think I am changed now

I would like to become a moderator because, sometimes, there arrnt any admins / mods online and people ( camp / Team Kill / Block ) and i always forget to make a SS so i think i am now ready  to take this job ( i know alot of people still dont like me ) but i wanna fix that to in the Future and my english issnt verry well, but ye i am dislect


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