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unmute Kraats116


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1. Your ingame name Kraats116
2. Date of your ban 29-8-2016
3. What game/server are you Muted from MTA / Mix
4. Who muted you (only if you know who) Madkiller
5. Reason why you got banned (only if you know why) i only said YOU SKIPPED NTS cunt
6. Reason why we should unban you  30 days mute for CUNT?? mad says cunt to some times, WTF

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6 minutes ago, DubStep said:

Know that you have been insulting me in Polish, even before Mad has joined. Maybe 30 days is too much and it should be just 7 days, but you have to chill a bit

you talked to me in polish i didnt know what you said so i just talked something ? i didnt even knew what you said  and mad says soo many times cunt

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