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I was banned by Stig lol


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Everyone on this server fangs also had to be unbanned on august 25 and to this day i do not unbanned admin fangs with no access to a computer. May be as admins is not too interesting going on here. This lier is F1MADKILLER. I only know three people that do not lie against Jack123 & AleksCore & Ryuzaki.


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I said that Stig is an idiot but, after then i apologized before him.

He just made me sick... (Stig: - you aren't fox, remove the tag, check F6-Team)

Btw, there are only 2 members of fox:  JKMW and Ezteban, and so... another members aren't exist at all?

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1 hour ago, Kasha666 said:

I said that Stig is an idiot but, after then i apologized before him.

He just made me sick... (Stig: - you aren't fox, remove the tag, check F6-Team)

Btw, there are onlt 2 members of fox:  JKMW and Ezteban, and so... another members aren't exist at all?

Didn't you also use KoM tag?

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I don't think Stig knew you are in "fox". Stig is good admin, I hope he unbans you as soon as he reads this topic.

Edit: I talked to him, he said you didn't remove KoM tag till he did it. Also you insulted him. Its not nice to insult an admin xD

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Guest AleksCore

I guess Kasha weared KoM because Stig insulted him first by asking to remove FoX tag (but he is FoX member) which is ridiculous and not a surprise that Kasha got angry as hell for this. So Kasha insulted him back. Everything is clear imo. So there is no reason for ban

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its just a temp ban, btw i agree with stig on banning for wearing other clan tags.

I remember cena kicking certain idiot trolls 5-10 times and they still joined with the clan tag.

So maybe banning is a good idea to teach them a lesson, just sayin'

By the way, to be clear,  just said i agree with people being banned for wearing other clan tags, this is not directed to your ban, just in general @Kasha666

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Guest AleksCore

I will post logs here to make things clear. 


[2016-09-03 11:58:00] ✶ Joined: KoM|Kasha^1337#FF6464 (Russian Federation) joined the server
[2016-09-03 11:59:47] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: who are you kasha ?
[2016-09-03 12:00:07] CHAT: KoM|Kasha^1337: me?
[2016-09-03 12:00:12] KoM|#00FFFFStig voted 1 ([SH] Lithuania_City)
[2016-09-03 12:00:25] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: your nick not in kom list
[2016-09-03 12:00:27] CHAT: KoM|Kasha^1337: i'm a kom member
[2016-09-03 12:00:35] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: not anymore
[2016-09-03 12:00:40] CHAT: KoM|Kasha^1337: why
[2016-09-03 12:00:50] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: i dont know but remove kom for now plz
[2016-09-03 12:00:56] CHAT: KoM|Kasha^1337: oki
[2016-09-03 12:01:11] CHAT: KoM|Kasha^1337: btw, can i join to crew?
[2016-09-03 12:01:30] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: ask accident  hes leader
[2016-09-03 12:01:56] NICK: KoM|Kasha^1337 is now known as Kasha^1337
[2016-09-03 12:01:56] ADMIN: Kasha^1337 name changed to   by KoM|#00FFFFStig.
[2016-09-03 12:02:18] NICK: Kasha^1337 is now known as =FoX=Kasha^1337
[2016-09-03 12:02:19] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: pff
[2016-09-03 12:02:19] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: i change your nick
[2016-09-03 12:02:24] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: oh really
[2016-09-03 12:02:33] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: you dont play for longtime ?
[2016-09-03 12:02:56] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: longtime?
[2016-09-03 12:02:57] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: ehm
[2016-09-03 12:03:23] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: your speak english
[2016-09-03 12:03:44] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: what the hell are trying to say dude
[2016-09-03 12:03:44] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: wtf this music
[2016-09-03 12:03:56] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: ماشبكت من زمان ؟
[2016-09-03 12:03:57] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: anyway
[2016-09-03 12:04:25] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: anyway you cant use team name your not in
[2016-09-03 12:04:33] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: lol i know
[2016-09-03 12:04:46] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: it was some kind od trol
[2016-09-03 12:04:47] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: l
[2016-09-03 12:04:49] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: then why you use fox team ?
[2016-09-03 12:04:52] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: of*
[2016-09-03 12:05:01] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: i'm a fox member lol
[2016-09-03 12:05:17] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: press F6 >> teams
[2016-09-03 12:05:23] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: your not in fox
[2016-09-03 12:05:35] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: oh cmon, are you kidding me?
[2016-09-03 12:05:51] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: or just hold Tab and see you not in team
[2016-09-03 12:06:00] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: omg
[2016-09-03 12:06:05] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: are you idiot/
[2016-09-03 12:06:06] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: ?
[2016-09-03 12:06:11] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: check fox web site
[2016-09-03 12:06:45] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: if you dont change it i ban you
[2016-09-03 12:06:54] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: you'll ban me?
[2016-09-03 12:06:57] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: for what?!
[2016-09-03 12:07:11] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: for using other team and insulting admin
[2016-09-03 12:07:26] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: i'm sorry for that i said 
[2016-09-03 12:07:27] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: but
[2016-09-03 12:07:30] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig: press F9 and read the ruels again plz
[2016-09-03 12:07:32] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: i'm a fox
[2016-09-03 12:07:50] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: i know the rules better than you
[2016-09-03 12:07:51] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig:  2. Do not insult or provoke any players or admins
[2016-09-03 12:07:56] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: omg
[2016-09-03 12:08:10] CHAT: KoM|#6633ffDubStep: Kasha is really in Fox
[2016-09-03 12:08:13] CHAT: =FoX=Kasha^1337: check the fucking web site
[2016-09-03 12:08:17] CHAT: ~D#810000aniz#5F0000Z: just check the web
[2016-09-03 12:08:17] CHAT: KoM|#00FFFFStig:  8. Do not use tags of clans you are not in



Here is everything clear.



And thanks for annoying me with this trouble and not letting me do my scripting job. Now let me go scripting and don't mention me please.


Solving conflicts isn't my job - that's something for server manager and other admins.

And I want to say sorry to Stig and thanks for insulting me in Steam

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Guest AleksCore
5 minutes ago, Ywa said:

I just don't get why people get banned when wearing a clantag, even if they're not in the clan. I mean, people can check the team scoreboard to see if someone is in the clan or not. Why should we police the clans?

I will remove this rule at all in a moment.

@Stig you don't need to know this anymore

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