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Nobana's Admin Application.


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Hello everyone.

So, did I put the topic in the right place?

Anyway, I would like to be an admin, I play on server (Mr.Green CSS#1) almost every day, something like 1-5 hours/a day (depends is the school on). I admit I have bad temperature sometimes/on my bad days, but thats rare(?) and I usually dont play then so its not a problem.

I like almost everyone on the server, as long as their nice to other people, if not, then I get into it. I would not mistreat the admin rights/"powers" if I got them.

If theres any questions, just ask. And some of the words may be typed wrong but dont let that boughter you. :D


E: Moar info/text lower.

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Tell us more about yourself, such as your age and nationality, for all we know you could be either 8 or 35 years old, and all I can tell is that English isn't your first language. It adds to the whole community spirit-thing, and will increase your chances :)

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InnocentCrook, thats true, but why are you trying to annoi(?) the players with your stupid rules? Rocketman is made for 2/3 bombs, so why only one?

And why are you braking your own rules? Why could you plant the 2nd bomb and others dont?

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I would say u give a little too little amount of information... The top crew needs much more information such as age, country of origin, etc. Also, you must read the pinned. You seem to be pretty nice, but you must give really much info, so the top crew knows quite a lot about you. But anyway, good luck.

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Here's my info package:

So the gameserver is Mr.Green #1 Surf.

Ive born 30th July 1994, so I just turned 15.

I live in Western-Finland, city of Tampere to be exact. I live in white detached house madw of bricks with my parents and dog. Im the only child.

Something about myself:

My real name is Tarmo, with sharp R, my friends in California didn't know how to say my name and they said the reminds the word "tomorrow".

I go to comprehensive school and Im in 9th grade, my grades are normally 8(math, biology etc) and some parts are 9, like english and ATK(eng. automatic data processing).

I also took english for and extra subject too so Im pretty good at it, I dont know all the rare words and how they are typed, so I type them like I say them and ask people to correct me if I write them wrong.

After comprehensive school Im going to high school, I dont know what kind of becoss Im not sure what I want to be yeat.

After school, I normally come straigh home, eat something and get on computer, exept in summers now, Im getting my own light motorcycle soon so Im gona drive it too.

Im still gona remain active on the server and forums, maybe 2-4 hours a day. I cant be on computer so much on mondays, tuesdays and thursdays.

My music taste varies, I mostly listen to rock or classic rock, I also like slower songs if the time is right, I dont like heavymetal, at least if they just yeall = cant hear the lyrics.

Favorite has been Iron Maiden for a long time, and I've been on one of its conserts, here in Finland.

I've been playing CSS after a while it came out, and before that I played CS 1.6. My other favorite games are FO3, BF2 and console games(a lot of them).

In CSS I use the name ]TF[Nobana - SuklaaKuolema, sometimes I switch the "SuklaaKuolema" to how Im feeling at the moment(Tired, bored etc.)

If there's still something you like to ask, just ask, I answer as best as I can.



Nobana, XpateX(<account)

Xbox Live gamertag:

WhiteDeath FIN

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I live in white detached house madw of bricks with my parents and dog.

So you're saying that it's unusual to live in Finland with a house made of bricks? :S


I live in a big brick house that is 60 years or more and most of villages there suck.

Now i live in 3 placed house (that fully belongs to us) in Montenegro. :3

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I live in white detached house made of bricks with my parents and our dog.

So you're saying that it's unusual to live in Finland with a house made of bricks? :S

What..? No, I dont mean that. Its quite common that its made of bricks.

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