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Ok, I'm just going to tell you what i already know.

They are both used in websites

HTML = real easy [ body][/body] etc.

idk anything about PHP XD

Ok, i dont know anything of any of the languages, but I'm going to learn one of them. 100%

So what i actually wonder is what they are are for? like, What situations do i need PHP, and when do i need HTML?

I actually dont care how hard it is, because I want the best result, and if i have to take the longer road in order to get there, its fine :)

What kind of webpages i want to make: Almost like left4green.com... (by that i mean i want a homepage, a forum, maybe some place where you can post images etc.)

I also want one of those "bars" that is at the top of your webbrowser (like a taskbar #2, always at the top, even if you scroll down the page it stays at the top of the webbrowser) where i can put some stuff... :P

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If you don't know anything about PHP, and feel more at home with HTML, then do HTML.

If you are willing to learn PHP, and you think it will make it better, try PHP. It can be a learning experience after all.

I'm willing to learn PHP if it is more suitable than HTML...

THe thing is, i dont know anything about either of them, i want to know when PHP is better than HTML and the other way..

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I would say Php :)

I want to know some of the diffrences between them, almost all the websites I've seen uses HTML, and it makes me wonder why would people use PHP if HTML covers that many areas? :P

EDIT: Ok, i now noticed that almost all sites uses BOTH, so i need to learn some HTML if i want to learn HTML anyways :|

But still, Should i focus on HTML or PHP? :P

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Well if you want to learn PHP, you must know html first.

Now, what's the difference between these languages? Well, if you want to make a simle website for like a small company where you can see the info on the web, HTML is enough, but forums, browser-based games or something like that can NOT be made with HTML. PHP has far more functions and has the ability to connect to mysql database, so that user information can be stored there. For example, when you browse the forums PHP first connects to the database and retrieves user info like posts, group, title, avatar url and even post, and after that all that information is sent to your browser and decoded into HTLM(PHP is very secure and if you view the page source, you won't be able to see the PHP code, it is all converted to HTML). I've been programming php for 4 years if not more, so I know such stuff ;)

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Yeah thanks for bumping this shit, its so old i know all about it now XD

Learning HTML atm, gonna learn javascript or something latr...

Now plz let this die :P

----------- Anyone below this line is a retard


Note: not my SigGuy though, he owns

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