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Quick Poker at Mr.Green?


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Well i got this idea while i was playing this other game, where you could gamble with the money you earned through the game....

Would'nt it be cool if you could gamble with your GC? (If i got it right, there is going to be a system that gives you GC's every post or something?)

My point is: I love poker. But playing with real money (daily) sucks so, who else likes the idea of being able to gamle with your GreenCoins? ^^

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I don't know how to play poker D:

I'm willing to learn though :D

Good way of learning? :D

Another reason? :lol:

Mah i just love poker, i was looking for a good poker site without real cash, but a kind of hard way to get cash, when i finally found one, it was coded badly, so that people could "out raise" each other, so if i just kept raising untill i have nothing left (which is actually an automatic 'all in') he could raise even higher, and the only thing i could do was to fold :(

Now i want this Community to have poker too, not only because poker is awesome, but if people want to use their greencoins on something a little bit more sactisfying (sorry if i wrote that word wrong, my dictionary is bugged :P)

And Top Crew, i'm sorry if it looks like I'm a gambling freak trying to push gambling into the site, this is just an idea, if you like it, then i think you should go for it ^^

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Would be very awesome Sacri.

Very Awesome indeed.

watch out tho, if you get in a debt with the russian mafia. you are screwed >.< .

and i dont think its possible to use GC in pokerz :o

I speak Russian makes me part of the Russian Mafia >:D

I was newb here I bump take no notice

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