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Sky for president?


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Hey yo people from all over the globe reading this post! A lot of you from the MrGreenGaming MTA servers, especially the Mix one, might know me and probably hate me for that matter. since i'm so pro the only thing you can do is call me a noob  I've been a moderator for quite a while now, I'm playing at this place for over 3 years now. I got to know all the players and staff in here, and although some people keep reporting me for muting them for three seconds, I feel like I've been keeping the campers, runners, spammers and other rule-violating players in their place. Since timed players are one of the most annoying problems to solve (If there are multiple timed players and you can't get rid of them by killing, you need to votekick. And there's a 120 second cooldown between votekick pols, so you end up with one or more timed out players still out there.), I feel like I should be able to get access to more commands such as /blow, which can efficiently get rid of timed players and also the instant kick command if needed. These commands help keep perfect condition of gameplay, and from my experience there aren't a lot of active admins at the time I'm playing, so having to deal with all the violators/timed people myself is quite difficult with my range of commands. Thanks for reading through this massive article of mine, I really hope you understand how these commands can help me to sort things out much easier in the server. Of course, there's also the ability to bring in more fun into the gameplay with the admin panel, I'd be really glad to help out the community both in keeping the server fun and enjoyable.


Here's a cake for my man Flipper :D



Sincerely, your lil Sky.

Admin hype ;-; pls geef it to meh

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Actually, you really kill the campers which is nice, but you never kill your "friends" for camp or anything like that what no one do as well. Sorry because i write this to your application but i think "teaming-campers" are biggest problem than noobs who camp because they dont know how to play. 
I mean there are several situation when for example 4 teammates and 1 other play remain and only 2 of them fight with that 1 and the other 2 just driving around for a min or two.  There are several more kind of situation like this when "pro and popular" players do this and no one bats an eye... especially admins. 

I know it's bad to kill your friends for example camping but rules for everyone and I know it's not a popular opinion, but i think server needs neutral admins not that ones who have the half server as teammates.  

anyway sky really do his work on dd when he is online.

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