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1:09 PM - BoyKa: anyway i insult verry bad last day
1:09 PM - BoyKa: nibje
1:09 PM - BoyKa: fucking hore bitch slut
1:09 PM - BoyKa: Cena"s Hore

If you never speak like that again, then I think you can get one more chance.

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In my opinion Boyka when you are not being silly you are a nice guy, yoshi in charge of unbaning you, I say have a few mores months to think and then prove why you should get 1 last chance

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19 minutes ago, BoyKa said:

what do we have here uhm 



Lol, thats funny. Thats still not a reason to unban you. You have insulted me and Nibje and idk who else you did insult. But what ik is its not ur first time to get banned by those reasons. We gave you so much chances. 

@AleksCore nice to know you hate me and you trying to get me demoted. Thanks :) 

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Guest AleksCore

[2016-12-15 14:29:15] ACTION: Cena has been fixed vehicle for CnT|#00aaffNi#ff8c00b
[2016-12-15 20:19:11] ACTION: Cena has been fixed vehicle for CnT|#00aaffNi#ff8c00b

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