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Teaching "noobs" - RTF controls

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This video is pretty nice and helpful I guess for many players, but this isn't what RTF is made for. DM can't be converted to RTF (most of them). DM is DM and RTF is RTF. Those maps are DM and adding it as RTF is a mistake. I stopped accepting DM maps and I will never accept DM map again. Since there are many players who want DM there should be a new gamemode weather its on race or mix and add it. I don't support DM anymore in mix (most of the maps), but beside that the video is nice and helpful.

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It's really nice what you did here, helping others out. Like Cena said, the server is kinda full of DM maps instead of RTF which I personally like.  But the basics are the same so the new players will really be helped by this.


Hint: I bind the arrow up and arrow down on my right and left mouse clicks, that way you're still able to look around while jumping.

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