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Reese abusing


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Today i am playing on mix server

And reese is abusing me

This player is always abusing indians Turkish and Brazilian players. This is third time he abusing me 

Please take some action. Admins 



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I'm not racist. I just hate that people who are from India or South america or Asia or Antarctic and join to a europe server to DESTROY other european players' gaming experience with their huge ping. I think there are a lots of asian, american and african server to play there

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Yes reese, maybe they ruin the game for the European players and they should join other servers which are not located in EU, but thats not the way you say/do it. You had no rights to say what you said in the screenshots, so I will mute you for 2 days. If you want to complain about those players. Go make a topic and keep it respectful as much as possible. Locked.

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