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The Map of 'Slow Roads' in San Andreas

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Updated maps in the comments!

Hello there,

As most of the experienced Mr. Green players know, there are some mysterious roads and streets in San Andreas that slow down your vehicle by a moderate amount, the only way to reach top speed on these sections is to use nitrous oxide.

So after playing a while, I've bundled up these roads by creating a map displaying them as red lines. The template map's author is GTASAMPOYT, so most credit goes to him. I know for a fact that I missed one road in Las Venturas, the market vicinity which is right to the Strip. Plus, there may be some more roads I could have forgotten or noticed, so any criticism and help is largely appreciated. 

Also, a big thanks to Zeus for helping me find some missing gaps.


Slow Roads.png

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On 2017-4-29 at 0:18 PM, Moh said:

Sorry, but why its so important anyway? 

It's just some minor knowledge, where you should use nitrous and where not. I used to lose races because I tried to conserve nitrous, when I noticed I was going way slower than others.


Anyway, added:

  • Two road in Vinewood.
  • A road in El Corona.
  • A road through Marina and Market.
  • Two roads next to The Camel's Toe casino.
  • A road in Garcia.
  • A long road through Santa Flora, Queen's and King's.5909ea0376ba1_SlowRoads.thumb.png.bf60f085657cfcbbc56a633d7053a80e.png
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On 1-5-2017 at 5:39 PM, SDK said:

Apparently it can be disabled in MTA, https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled

[5:35 AM] Necktrox: extraairresistance - toggle the vehicle speed limit on cross-country roads (default: true)

I would be against it to implement this in general, but not if mapmakers added it in a script to their maps individually. Because otherwise it would affect a lot of tops for a lot of maps and it also takes away a tactical aspect of managing nitro.

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