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Mr. Green Gaming

-]alw[-Outland Admin Application


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Gameserver: mrgreen gaming race MTA

Age: 25

Country of origin: USA, Oregon

Link to Steam Community profile *: derek11111

Discord name **:  derek ?

Ingame name: -]alw[-Outland

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Heyo my names Derek, I have been a alw clan member playing pretty regularly since december/november 2016 and have always loved the community here at mrgreengaming. I love racing, outgoing personality. I also am really good with computers, and network analyzing. Lately, I have been watching behaviors on the race servers where users will have used different aliases (up to a record random 80 nicks count per MTA serial), and the IP addresses they use werent even assigned/registered in a dns system (meaning telcom hack via ss7 method cell phone) and these hackers are more malicious than they presume. I love race but i notice when alot of bots start accumulating (and they will be on their own random IPs), they all start joining and it ruins the game experience for other users. Those player movements look the same (keyboard mock?) and one will run into a wall and stop moving while the other player continues. At the first sight when I saw the AC#4 like 4 - 5 days ago, this guy was trolling me also in a private message by the name bolnk (80 aliases tied to serial). i ask admins first if theres random aliases tied, the IP's wouldnt be registered (meaning cell phone ss7 hack). i think i would be a good canidate for admin and im online every day 3-8 hours and havent got a job yet. also maina (has 57 aliases) and dron (has a chunk of aliases and mainas one) and tr nissan (possibly bolnk again, lots of aliases). happy MTA everyone :)

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This story reminds me of MushyBoat0. That was a bot who appeared one day and spend all day switching between Mix and Race server and pressing random buttons. Reportedly, he managed to obtain 2000 or 3000 gc in one night by not doing anything but aimlessly moving around. I decided to ban him, when I was convinced it wasn't a human being.

Other than that I don't know what you're talking about.

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