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So to start from beginning, I was never expecting to experience such a fucked up stuff on mr green gaming mta server.

This was just a normal SH game, i got hit and caught fire so i jumped into a shed for a repair, there my car changed to Bandito buggy.

I was looking for a another car change so i drove near another shed, inside it i saw a black marker and cops npcs around it, it looked kinda creepy already but i wanted to check if anything happen if i drive into that marker. THIS WAS THE BIGGEST FUCKING MISTAKE, A FUCKING JUMPSCARE REALLY??!! My headphones volume was set to high, the fucking scream just raped my ears!! I wanted to immediately close the game, disconnect from server, anything but I COULDNT bcs i was very shocked and i watched this whole SICK CREEPY SHIT!! after it i couldnt play for a couple of good seconds and i poured out my expressions on the chat. Anyway i somehow managed to win the map, but will never play on this map again U SICK BASTARD. Please delete this before someone get hurt for real.!!!!!!mta-screen_2017-06-26_19-22-59.thumb.png.222d59dc6b9fde7965325f9b493fa6f0.pngmta-screen_2017-06-26_19-23-46.thumb.png.fc0ad4a73fc1e5cd1a58e0bd2a19ba48.pngmta-screen_2017-06-26_19-24-57.thumb.png.05ae7f122196c6de51668f9bb0c60637.png

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Guest AleksCore

Oh my god. Hahaha, I am actually so happy right now. Lol. Finally somebody appreciate my work. And I am really sorry dude (no). Haha lmao. @eatmychildren you remember this? It was our idea, well mostly mine as far as I remember. Good old fun days that was. I love you @eatmychildren




I am sorry for being such an asshole lol. Screamers is fun


Shit, I can't stop laughing, sorry

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Guest AleksCore

I am actually crying of laughter right now, I think you should know about this. Uh oh phew breath deep aleks, breath deep..  Ahahhahaa fuckk

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