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Convoy on Saturday 1st of July 2017

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We will be doing another convoy for ETS2. Details will be listed below.

The convoy will be at server "Europe 4" and the meet up will be at 9:30 CET and we will start at 10:00 CET (Convert that time to your local time through google).  The date will be on Saturday 1st of July as mentioned in the topic title.  There are few rules for those who are gonna attend need to follow.

- Always move in order, overtaking is NOT allowed.

- Always keep 50-100m space between the driver in front of you. (More is suggested in case of a lag)

- Always follow convoy leader rules and listen to them. (Dub and Moh)


This will be our route for Saturday in the screenshot below.



- We will have Luxembourg to rest at for 5-10 mins IF needed.

- It will take around 1-1 hour and 30 mins in real life time.

- Always cruise control (C) at the speed the convoy leader tells you. (We won't go above 90km/h)

- I will be at voice channel in discord and others will be welcomed to join too. (I suggest you to join voice channel, more fun)




This time we will all have same color for our truck, you need to choose "sunrise" and choose white, green, green as shown in the screenshot below. 




Hope to see you all coming and have fun! ^^ Post if attending :D 

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Well I just payed into a 15 quid draft that might take a while on Saturday but try to attend if I can

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3 hours ago, TheMoose said:

Sry guys didn't make it on time. next time ill be there probably :)

No need to be sorry, no one came except for @Meh xD

Thats why, @DubStep will handle convoys for the rest of this month. Maybe he is better than me :D 

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