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Application to the ETS2mp


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Name*: Filip

Truckers MP URL link *: https://truckersmp.com/user/396040

Steam Link*: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Krogins/

How old are you? *: 17

What country do you live in? *: Czech Republic

Do you speak fluent English? *: Probably yes, may there will be some brainfreeze

How many hours do you have on ATS/ETS2 *: 176 h

Are you currently in another VTC? *: No

Have you ever been banned on ATS/ETS2 Mp *: No

Tell us about your self and why would you like to join MrGreen Trucking *:

Hey there,

I just wanted to come back to ETS2 (also to MTA) & I like airsoft, pc games and programming, developing and I am trying to make my own apps and games (just trying, so I haven't projects finished, just starting them) -- If you get a some idea, just send it to me. May I (or if you would be nice and help me.. then WE) realize that idea. Why MrGreen Trucking? I don't know.. may it sounds funny, but really.. I just found a random Virtual company on Google (then on trucksim as you can see lower) and randomly selected some of companies. I'm glad I've got contact on owner via Ywa, and got a nice message, you are not obliged to change your steam name to [prefix] and your name, and it was the only one requirement what I had. It's nice to know, I chose the random company as I said. Thx.

How did you know about us?*: https://www.trucksim.org/threads/mrgreen-trucking.7845/

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