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application for moderator by mAs4TeR/P0l


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Hello. My real name is Denis i'm 17 years old, i know i'm young but i got a lot of experience. the real thing i wanted to apply for moderator is there  is lack of moderators/admins in morning at 7-10 CET at this time a lot of people arguing and fight each other so others can't play normal. Plus at this time a lot of impunity blockers play on mix so i just wanted to punish them.

well that's all from my side. 

enjoy rest of the day/night. :rolleyes:


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Just now, NITROX said:

✓ - He's not a player who causes problems
✓ - Respects administrators and players
✓ - It's almost always online

I don't see why you can't have a chance to show what you can do...
Good Luck and merry crhistmass...


thanks man 

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