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Robo is Done!


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Hi All,

Well, where do I begin? Basically, I just came on here to tell you all I'm quitting Zs and Video Games completely (thus obviously withdrawing myself as Admin, sorry guys). I feel I am at a critical point in my life where I can't put my love for Video Games first anymore (which I honestly have been doing for too long now.

My life is pretty much going to shit right now, so the best way to get it back on track is to end this addiction I have to the server I fell in love with.

So many memories. Thanks to all of you and Thank you to the Topcrew for believing in me and letting me be an Admin.

Oh and this has NOTHING to do with the new update, I loved all of it! I pretty much have to physically retrain myself from wanting to play for another 7million hours! Haha...

Signing out, Take care guys -


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Oh nooo,after Crow now it's you :s

Well,that was really cool to know you,I hope you will come sometimes here or on Steam.

You did a lot for us (not especially me,otherwise it will turns into dramatica-scene blabla?)

We're losing a great person... :(

But,will you come anyways sometimes,not in game of course,but just online,MSN,Steam...?

Personally I'll miss you dude,that will be weird to don't see you,but the things made it like that :(

Good luck and keep head up,you leave us with the pride of being a good guy!

...(Nugget is crying too)...

Good bye brother :( Tu vas me,et nous bien s

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Thanks everyone. I'll be ....around...;) May pop in a few times to say hello on the forums but on zs? i'll probably only go on if Froggy persuades me to go back on and play a few rounds with him.. Ive made a rule for myself only to play video games with Friends as I see that as okay.

As for playing Video Games in General, on my own - I am Done! (for now, you can never predict the future)

Take Care all of you, it was great getting to know you all.

Robbie B)

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My last recorded conversation with RoboRobb:

RoboRobb: Cya mate, take care of yourself

ERROR 401: you too!

ERROR 401: <3

ERROR 401 sucks robbies penis goodbye

RoboRobb: LOL

ERROR 401: Ill miss yours and sneeds sex chat

RoboRobb: yeah haha good times :)

ERROR 401: btw we're all discussing a funeral for you now


RoboRobb: LOL

ERROR 401: (12:30 AM) Corby - sad.gif

(12:29 AM) Deluvas - You killed too many zombies to have pure heart XD.gif

(12:29 AM) Corby - Lol

(12:29 AM) ERROR 401 - Fine. I'll be the preist, but only if I can look like the pope funny.gif

(12:29 AM) Aiur - But i dont have that high spirit

(12:28 AM) Deluvas - I'm gonna be the clown tongue.gif

(12:28 AM) Deluvas - You!

(12:28 AM) Aiur - Who is going to be the priest

(12:27 AM) ERROR 401 - Birthday Suits!!!

(12:27 AM) ERROR 401 - Not sure, but I have a good idea what the dress code will be

(12:27 AM) Aiur - When is roborobbs funereal going to be?

RoboRobb: LOL you guys are mental

ERROR 401: and thats why you love us all ;D

RoboRobb: yes very true. You're all sexy as fuck

ERROR 401: :D

ERROR 401: I though you said you were going btw :P

RoboRobb: Bean stopped me lol

ERROR 401: ahh

RoboRobb: anyways cya mate, good luck with it all

ERROR 401: bye, you better stay on twitter

ERROR 401: :D

RoboRobb: I will, I will twitter spam you non stop


RoboRobb: with I just ate cereal!


ERROR 401: I look forward to it!

RoboRobb: gd gd

RoboRobb: cya!

ERROR 401: Bye!

RoboRobb sucks off error

ERROR 401 kisses robbies ass goodbye

RoboRobb: LOL

RoboRobb is now Offline.


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