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My GC were scammed


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1. Name of the person (exact username) who should be banned: Laca
2. What server: MTA Race server
3. Reason why he/she should be banned: He asked to login to his account to check that I can see his paintjob. I did that and i lost my coins, because I was unregistered player, so my coins (about 2,6K) were added to his account. Proofs are attached here. I hope this player will be banned due to scamming and i hope so that there is opportunity to get back my earned coins. 


Screenshot (80).png

Screenshot (81).png

Screenshot (82).png

Screenshot (83).png

Screenshot (84).png

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Well, It is not Laca's first time to ask ppl for their pass or other way around. I will speak with @Bierbuikje first to make sure of something and I will get back to you.

Btw @Bandituks Learn from this, NEVER login to someone's else account and NEVER give yours to anyone. Even admins are not allowed to ask for it. Give me some time to speak with Bier and I will get back to you as I said.

Edit: I will ban Laca for now till I speak with Bier. 

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Bier and I agreed to give you (@Bandituks) the 2.600 GCs back, but first we are going to check logs by tmw to make sure it is the correct amount. After that we will send that amount to your account. That amount will be subtracted from Laca's GCs x2. So if it is 2.600 GCs. It will be 5.200 GCs taken from Laca's account + Laca will be banned for a week at least. I hope this is good enough for you Bandituks and as I said before. Never share your account to anyone and never use anyone's else account to stay out of troubles.

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