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Hi, Laca here, im asking for unban or something because im not thief... if you want take all gcs i have i dont really care but i want back my account atleast, i wanna still play this game, i will mever do something like this again, im sorry for that..or like this was my last warning and uf i would ever do something like this again, you just perma ip me.. i really didnt want to scam anyone or something like that...

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Laca i like you as a person but the shit you do on this server is not acceptable.

This is the millionth time you've done this and you keep saying you did not do anything.

Even in this post you talk bs, you start with saying you didnt steal and you're not a thief, later in the post you say sorry for this i will never do it again. Meaning you did do it.

It's not my place to make a decision about your ban, but in my opinion you can't be trusted and it will be waiting for you to steal from a next victim when no admin is online.

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