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Hello there , I think I do not deserve it the ban beacuse i just provoke Madkiller so i didnt insult him after that Maher suprised me in a private message go say sorry to MadKiller or u get Ban i said no so he banned because i provoke him saying he abuse delete maps Nitro Maps , Rami Maps and alot of them and thats a true story so some people leave this server because of him doing does stuffs but i really dont care .  One reason is i think i diserve a unban i didnt do nothing I just accused you of something and everyone now that . So why should i take the ban for such behavior from Madkiller .  

I think I deserve to come back, so I'm gonna let you do what you want I'm not gonna make you do what you want but it's a shame what's going on.
Thanks for Understanding , Me .
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