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Mr. Green Gaming

Mod application

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Gameserver: mr.green gaming MIX

Age: 19

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Link to Steam Community profile *: not using -,-

Discord name **: Laca#2903

Ingame name: Laca (KoM|Laca)

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Hello, I will try to apply again because why not, my name is Martin, im from czech republic, im 19 yo, living with sister without parrents, studying architecture, i understand well forums websites etc these things.. 

I think i can help server by some new ideas, or for example im 24/7 online on discord or forums so i can login immediately to kick some bugged player or skip map if there is bugged rtf or something, or ofc if there is anything needed.. like mute some insulter etc..+ also its good to have more active mods/admins cuz there is not that much.

I think i am ok with other players i guess i dont have any enemies .

Something about my skills, i think im good player, and i can work well with some admin panels or something like this if you get it.

My playtime is everyday, 1-8 hours depends how i like it that time. playing here from 2014.

English- 8/10 maybe more, maybe less i just feel like 8/10.

Thats all i can say i think... (very brief)

Ty for reading, Laca.:-)

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And u do all this why ? to get the mod appli WTF ?? i can tell cena to lock my  mode i don't want any appli while  u r  annoying e  all the time u  gonna make troubles for me we all know u  and u will be free now u can do whatever u want just let me alone  are u happy now ? go ahead and do what u want and search about another guy to fight with Him u really such a silly guy laca idk why but m always get surprised  about ur "kids behaviour"  

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even in ur your answer u r  provoking now i didn't like the way u talk be more respectful  . first of all i said i didn't took any screen from the day that i join to now  cause i rly don't care about u or about what u say and i don't waste my time about making screen for silly things  but if u did as i say make sure that u begin  and now i'll ignore u and i'll let cena do he's job ( Hope u don't answer ha ) and btw m not reporting u here i just say the truth

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