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GuiZada's Moderator Application


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Gameserver: Mix 

Age: 17

Country of origin: Tunisia

Link to Steam Community profile : currently not available -,-

Discord name : GuiZada#8351

Ingame name: ~GuiZada

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be Mod :  

Hi , My real name is Mohamed Amine i'm 17 yo i live  exactly in Manouba i finish studying and m in a summer Holiday m living with my family Umm i want to be mod cause many ppl break the rules while no mod or admin is Online  so i Suppost to kick Him with random Vote ( Campers , Blockers ... )  .

i mute who must be muted ( Spam , Insult ..) if someone speak another language that i don't understand it it's ez  google traduction Work .  i'll try to help everyone in need and find a solution who has problem he can chat me in f3 and i'll do my best to help Him  i like ppl enjoy playing the server , and always feel confortable m free i can play the server whenever i can m active 24/7 as i told u

i can be helpful in this server and m sure i can add my touch like the Youtube channel of Mrgreen well i have a youtube channel so yeah i can make ( thumbnails , Banners , Montage , Controle .... ) anything just tell me  😜

~GuiZada :) 

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