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Reese insulter and provoker


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I don't see anything wrong from what reese is saying, everything he is saying is normal. I won't mix religion and believes and shit into this. If he is saying it to you because u r Indian and you have your own believe. Just simply /ignore reese. We can't mute him for saying he likes cow (even though we both know he is only saying it to provoke you) but its totally normal to say if someone likes to eat a cow or not xD. Anyway, just /ignore and you will be fine. 

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Tbh its not his first time when he provokes people saw it many times, he did it to me also but u know me :P Im not that guy which will be quiet so i said him back, but for no reason im not provoking  anymore or trying to not. Im not reporting guys if im someone reports it and its truth i can help him to prove it. :)))

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