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In the past i did not care much about other players blocking me.

When there was an opportunity, i later blocked back on revenge.

But some player have the guts to report me for blocking, after they blocked me in the first place. /lol ELBRUJO

So i have to go this way.


Player: TAMAM, [AFE] Airy.

Reason: Blocking in Race


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I see you don't see the difference between blocking and ramming. I will explain it to you with best way I can.

Blocking is when you stop in the middle of the way and don't let anyone pass and you are not racing yourself anymore.

Ramming is when you are racing and someone behind you is faster than you or gonna pass you, you hit him with your car and he just crash or slow down or whatever.


In the video it is ramming and not blocking. Got it? 

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Okay, i see. TAMAM is "ramming".

But when you watch the part with Airy carefully, you see that he slows down on purpose to push me to the wall.

Before the finish line he even waits for me. When i try to pass he pushes us both into water.

How is that still racing? After that he leaves the server, so he had no intention to race nor finish the race.


Maybe also these definitions of the words should be in the rules.

Cause technically for people with higher ping it is pushing away other people away with their lagshadow, which can not be considererd ramming as there is no effect on the initiator. Blocking the trespassing with lag push is for me not "ramming".

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