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Gameserver: mix

Age: 20

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Link to Steam Community profile *: 

Discord name **: Laca#2903

Ingame name: KoM|L@c@

Little something about your self: name: Martin, ill go on college this year. Im playing here for 4 years and i jope ill stay here for couple of another years!

maturity: On a scale 1/10 I would say 8 because I am mature but also I like to have fun and and hangout with the rest of the staff and players. I am playing daily...

Why you think you're fit to be admin: Well I have been a Admin on a server before so I know the responsibility I need to make sure I am the best of the best of Admins to make sure that the server is fun and everyone is happy lol!

Anyway i think i improved myself from my last accidents, so i could have some chance, but this app is like trial. have a good day

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