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Admin application - Bv202


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Gameserver: MTA

Age: 17 (actually I'm 16, but it's my birthday this monday, so I prefer to write 17 already :lol: )

Country of origin: Belgium

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:


For many people here I don't need to introduce myself... I'm sure all people from the Dutch community know me ;)

For those who I need to... My name is Bjorn, known as Bv202. I'm an active member (though not so active as some others, but hey - I always read the interesting topics) on the Dutch forums. I'm in my last year on school (though I will most likely will do another few years) and so hopefully I'll pass it.

Anyway, when Mr. Green had MTA servers, I often played on them, but not so active as others. When they stopped running these servers, I didn't play it anymore, which has one simple reason: Vista. Now MTA 1.0 is released and there is a Mr. Green server, so from now on, I'm playing very often on it :)

There are a few reasons why I want to apply for an admin position. First of all, there is a lack of admins on the server. Everytime I play, there seems to be either a hacker, a spammer or a big noob ruining the game for everyone. I'm a fair player (please read the note at the end of this post) and I really hate it when people ruin the game for me and for other players. Often map changes are needed too, when the map is just a piece of crap and everyone leaves the server because of it.

I have no experience with being an admin on gameservers, but I have (imo much) experience moderating and administrating forums and so I know how people are, how they threat you, etc.

Even though I have no experience, I believe that, once I understand how everything works, it will all be fine after a few days.

So why choose me? Well, I can be neutral in every situation and I believe I can threat people fairly. I can live with rules (yeah, really) and I would love to get rid of these game ruiners myself. I could sum up every good point of me, but I don't think bragging about myself is a good idea :P

So... if you want to know something, feel free to ask :)



Note: Some people called me "noob" and "cheater" some days ago. That was in some Ywa map (says enough?) where you need to drive some rounds. At a certain point, there spawns a hunter and tank. Ofcourse I took the tank and killed people trying to get the cp's and I was the "noob" of the server for that reason, while it's only the goal of the map. If you have a problem with me doing this, I will stop with it, but imo you should remove this map if you don't want this to happen.

Note2: I know MTA only recognises IP's (or at least the old version did) and you might argue that we have dynamic IP's here in Belgium. Though that's true, for some unknown reason, when I connect via my router (which I always do, or we won't have a wireless connection), my IP gets static. It hasn't change for about 2-3 years, check my posts at the Dutch community for that :)

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Power of the O-O-T !!!

But why are there so maaaaany apps for MTA?

Because the server is new and there is a lack of admins ;)

Indeed, there are only 3 active MTA admins (imho; Ywa, Versnellingspook and me (i guess))

I think bv202 would be a great admin because of his activity in the server, his fair playing and behaviour

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